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Corus CAD Customer Support

Comprehensive Clinician Support

As part of our commitment to partnering with clinicians, CardioDx provides a comprehensive support program with exceptional service every step of the way.

  • Clinician product support and training
  • Specialized consultations with CardioDx Medical Affairs to assist in patient selection and test result interpretation
  • Easy, 24-hour access to your patients’ reports and customized charts and tables through the secure, web-based Clinician Access Portal
  • A dedicated team of insurance experts available to work with patients, clinicians, and payers who will handle all of the billing for the Corus CAD test. The team can also assist by making patients aware of the CARE Patient Financial Assistance Program.
  • Phlebotomy support and solutions

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Customer Service
phone text 866.941.4996, option 2
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Monday through Friday
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Billing Services
phone text 866.941.4996, option 1
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