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Investigator-Initiated Trials Program

The CardioDx Investigator-Initiated Trials Program was developed to provide financial support and/or testing services to academic and community-based clinical researchers who are interested in conducting their own formal studies. Clinicians interested in performing clinical investigations on a topic of interest are welcome to send in a proposal outlining the research questions and goals. CardioDx evaluates each proposal based on scientific merit and alignment with strategic goals for research. All proposals will be reviewed based on established criteria, and submission of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval. Financial and/or testing support is contingent upon full execution of the research agreement by both parties.

Roles and Responsibilities:

CardioDx, Inc.: Provides financial support and/or testing for the study according to a defined research contract, which outlines milestones and specific deliverables

Sponsor, Physician/Institution: Oversees the conduct of the study, including document management, data management, data analysis, publication, regulatory reporting (where applicable), etc.

Investigator, Physician: Conducts the day-to-day research according to a defined protocol and per specified procedures

The following are current research areas of interest:

  • Correlation between Corus CAD and imaging modalities, physiologic/functional testing and biomarkers;
  • Relationship between Corus CAD and chronic diseases, medication(s) or lifestyle change;
  • Atherosclerotic disease burden, plaque characterization, endothelial function, and the study of subpopulations.

To submit a proposal, please complete the CardioDx proposal form and send it to or give it to your CardioDx Regional Medical Director.